• Our Story

    Our Story


    Welcome to ypbshirts.com, the home of Bachelor and Bachelorette Party T-Shirts.  These cool t-shirts are designed to help remind the groom what he’s in for, and to relish his last moments of freedom.  Also, the bride can proud wear these shirt to remind her groom who will be in charge. Our shirts are sold on Galloree.com and most shirts colors are 100% cotton with sizes from S-5XL.

    Our Story

    This idea was conceived from an innocent breakfast conversation.  My business partner was reminiscing about his brother's wedding where he was the Best Man. During his speech, he placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder and said, “You Poor Bastard™, you have no idea what you’re getting into.”  The speech sounded more like a roast. We all laughed remembering that speech.  Then my friend said, “Someone should put the phrase ‘You Poor Bastard™’ on a shirt and sell it.”  I replied, “Why not?” My friend stopped eating and looked at me.  Just then, a sliver of light pierced the clouds and shined upon us.  He looked up to the sky and heard Angels singing.  A booming voice said, “That’s a good idea!”

    Ok, it didn’t really happen with skies opening up, Angels singing, or with a voice from above.  However, our company is providing a product to a neglected part of the population, grooms and their bachelor parties! 

    Whether it's getting the groom a shirt for his Bachelor Party or the bride wants to remind her hubby who's in charge, look no further.  Get a YPB shirt today!